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Styles and types of painting

In practice, there is a huge variety of types, styles, genres and areas of fine art. Often they closely overlap with each other and do not have clearly defined boundaries. Moreover, one genre often gives rise to subgenres, styles - new directions of painting, and the techniques used by artists go fr.. More details


Landscape painting in modern art

Landscape is a popular painting genre that is present in many cultures and artistic traditions with a long history. Landscape painting includes many natural scenes - mountains, rivers, valleys, forests, fields and coastlines. This list was expanded in the 20th century to include urban and industria.. More details


Symbolism - the genre of painting

Symbolism arose at the turn of the XIX – XX centuries as one of the directions of European art culture. Artists working in this style endow their paintings with hidden philosophical and mystical meanings. When painting, they contrast reality with a world of visions and dreams.Of particular importanc.. More details


Still life - a genre of painting

Still life is one of the genres of fine art with a number of subgenres. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the figures of the first plan of works are represented by the most mundane - inanimate objects. On the canvas can be present and living creatures - representatives of the fauna and people, b.. More details


Portrait - a genre of painting

A special genre of fine art dedicated to the transfer of the image of a person is called a portrait. Having gone through the depth of centuries, the direction has not lost, but has significantly increased its demand. We will talk about the limitless possibilities of portraiture in this article. F.. More details


Animalistics - painting genre

Humanism and animal agape Animalism is a specific direction in the visual arts, which shows the life of representatives of the fauna. That is, the subject of the works of painters and sculptors-animalists is the animal world (animal translated from English “beast”). Actually, the specificity is n.. More details


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