Export of paintings, icons or any other cultural property abroad

We offer the service of delivering your painting anywhere in the world door to door.
We have been successfully sending paintings and art objects for many years.

How can we help you?

  1. Paperwork for the export of paintings or art objects outside the Russian Federation (link to the paperwork page)
  2. Choosing the transport company most suitable for your purposes
  3. Making insurance for the time of delivery of your painting.
  4. Safe packaging of goods.

What do we need when sending your picture turnkey

  1. A photocopy of the passport of the person who will send the picture
  2. Recipient address and telephone number
  3. The picture itself (the courier will pick it up at a time convenient for you)

Terms and cost of service

The delivery price depends on many factors such as the size and weight of the package, destination, cost of goods and the urgency of delivery. Therefore, delivery is calculated individually for each specific case. Thanks to our many years of experience and long-term cooperation with transport companies, we can offer you the best price. We are always in touch and will be able to answer and explain all the subtleties of sending according to your specific case. Sender engagement is minimal.

Callback request

We will call you back

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