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What are cookies?

Cookie (“cookies”) is a small service text that is transferred from the visited site to your browser for storage. When you visit the pages of the same site again, the browser transmits the saved information back.

Use of Cookies

Using a cookie, the site stores a basket of each visitor, remembers authorization and more.

The affiliate code included in the pages may also transmit their cookies. For instance:

  • Yandex installs them to collect a variety of metrics or select ads based on your preferences;
  • Google - for statistics and authorization on Google+;
  • Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte and other social networks - for authorization and the ability to share an interesting article.

For more information on the use of cookies for each service, see the respective pages:

Can cookies be managed?

Depending on your browser, you can enable or disable the storage of cookies for individual sites or in general, as well as view their contents or delete them. You can learn more about these features in the help of your browser.

Note: disabling cookies for portal pages may make some functions unavailable.

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