Painter: Volkov Aleksandr

Painter: Volkov Aleksandr

Volkov Alexander Leonidovich - Painter's Biography

Alexander Volkov was born in Tashkent in 1964. Then his family moved to Leningrad, where Alexander took exams at the Serov School, but did not enter it, and this limited his art education. He graduated from the technical school of marine instrumentation, then in his life the army and work follow, which quickly gets boring. And he begins to paint, sells them on Nevsky Prospekt near Catherine's Garden. Since 1989, Alexander Leonidovich has been a member of the Association of Free Artists of St. Petersburg, which arises at the library named after Alexander Blok. Volkov considers this moment of acquiring the social status of an artist to be very important in his creative biography. Alexander says that Matisse and Van Gogh, as well as Chinese painting and Japanese engraving Ukiyo, influenced the formation of his manner in painting. The masters of modernism taught him the generalization of form and immediacy in addressing contemporary life.

«There should be nothing superfluous and nothing secondary in the works, and each fragment of the canvas should work as an independent picture. It is necessary to forget about the usual form, to understand that the main thing is not the image of objects, but an understanding of how they are related to each other. This connection is comprehended intuitively, for this it is necessary to move away from oneself, discard logic, and then the drawing, the lines will begin to appear on their own. It remains for the artist to concretize the form arising from them.»

The creative style of the artist resembles the "expressionist aesthetics". In the works of Alexander, the spontaneity of the sketch is important as the basis and general backbone of the picture. No less important is the sub-painting layer (“background”) of the canvas with its nervous lines and strokes, expressed in the technique of scratching. On the whole, as is often the case with good artists, their works are liked after a long time of peering, when the nuances of texture, the rhythm of the composition, and the overall color scheme begin to work. Semi-abstract painting by A. Volkov is based on contrasts of bright saturated spots and gray or green background. The artist loves to depict the city, its everyday life, cars and citizens. He has a special vision of the city: the strict beauty of the architecture of the St. Petersburg center in his works is in harmony with the bustle of traffic, with a network of wires in the narrow gap of the city sky and bright interspersed with traffic lights and road signs.

Volkov Alexander: where are the artist's paintings presented?

Alexander Volkov's works are in private collections in Russia, Denmark, Holland, France, Germany, Italy, USA, Canada, England, Sweden, Hong Kong, St. Petersburg. They can also be found in the collection of Nikolai and Raisa Blagodatov and the collection of the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg.

What exhibitions did Volkov Alexander take part in?

  • 1990 - "Region of Dawn", gallery "Nevsky, 20", St. Petersburg
  • 1991 - "City", Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", St. Petersburg
  • 1992 - "Pararealism", State. Ethnographic Museum, St. Petersburg
  • 1992 - "Earth Plane", Library. M.Yu. Lermontov, St. Petersburg
  • 1994 - "Square of Arts", House of the Military Book, St. Petersburg
  • 1994 - "Color and Form"; gallery "Nevsky, 20", St. Petersburg
  • 1997 - exhibition of the "First", gallery "Nevsky, 20", St. Petersburg
  • 1998 - "10 years of TLC"; gallery "Nevsky, 20", St. Petersburg
  • 1999 - "The Beginning", gallery "Guild of Masters", St. Petersburg
  • 1999 - "The Last Autumn", House-Museum of F.M. Dostoevsky, St. Petersburg
  • 1999 - personal exhibition "Crossroads", gallery "Nevsky, 20", St. Petersburg
  • 2000 - "All Petersburg-99", Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh", St. Petersburg
  • 2000 - "Self-portrait" - ART-project Russia-Germany, gallery "Nevsky 20", St. Petersburg
  • 2000 – Avangard-2000, Gallery On Obvodny Canal, Neptun Business Center, St. Petersburg
  • 2000 - The 1Y3K, Luke & A Gallery, London
  • 2000 - St. Petersburg Effekt, Bloxham Fine Arts Gallery, London
  • 2001 - TWO WEEKS in Mayfair, Mayfair Gallery, London
  • 2002 - "The collection of Nikolai and Raisa Blagodatov", Forum Gallery, St. Petersburg
  • 2002 - "Bridges hung over the waters", State. Smolny Museum, St. Petersburg
  • 2002 - "Unexpected Petersburg", gallery "ART-city", St. Petersburg
  • 2003 – international ART-salon, project “Window to Europe. View from St. Petersburg, Central House of Artists, Moscow
  • 2003 - "Voices of the Moon", gallery "Jam Hall", St. Petersburg
  • 2004 - City, Nevsky 20 gallery, St. Petersburg
  • 2004 - "Habitat", gallery "Guild of Masters", St. Petersburg
  • 2005 – "Remembering Vadim Voronin" apartment exhibition
  • 2007 - "Polyphony", gallery "Jam Hall", A.Volkov and V.Filiev
  • 2007 - "Dialogues" Biennale; Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh", St. Petersburg
  • 2007 - "Alexandrovsky Vernissage", Exhibition Hall of the Center for Books and Graphics, St. Petersburg
  • 2007 - "Silhouettes of Music", House of the Union of Concert Workers of Russia
  • 2008 - "Verona through the eyes of foreigners", Villa Franciscatti, Verona
  • 2009 - personal exhibition "Two Spaces", gallery "Guild of Masters", St. Petersburg
  • 2010 - "Rain Lions", gallery "Guild of Masters", St. Petersburg
  • 2011 - exhibition "Kara Quully", gallery "Guild of Masters", St. Petersburg
  • 2011 - solo exhibition, gallery "Mart", St. Petersburg
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