Painter: Kazhdan Anna

Painter: Kazhdan Anna

Kazhdan Anna - Biography of the painter

Anna Kazhdan was born in Leningrad in 1962 and now lives and works in St. Petersburg. The artist graduated from the architectural college, and then LVHPU them. Vera Mukhina. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 2001. Anna paints in the naive art style, because she believes that a naive artist can afford a lot in creativity.

«I studied at the Mukhina Art School, now it is called the St. Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy named after A.L. Stieglitz. My specialty is interior design. Prior to that, she graduated from an architectural and construction technical school and for five years worked as a technician, then a senior technician-architect. I believe that any state of affairs can be looked at from an optimistic point of view: there is a fence, which means you can overcome it. And although the world sometimes shows us its aggressive facets, we can defend ourselves against them. At least - draw something that pleases the eye. And pass it on to others so that they also rejoice. I draw elements of folklore because I definitely notice all this folklore today.»

Each painting by Anna Kazhdan is the charm of a stopped moment. Cheerful and intricate imagination of the artist transforms the real world. Anna is a master of mass scenes, folk festivals, festive round dances, magical carnivals and children's games. Anna's favorite color is all shades of blue. For her, it symbolizes not only the sky, but also a certain state of mind - cozy happiness and joy. Folklore traditions in Anna's works can be traced both in the choice of a typical plot (a walk, a date, a game), and in the characteristic interpretation of characters, where not an individual, but a generic principle comes to the fore. Artless, saturated with sly humor and cozy everyday life, Anna Kazhdan's paintings are a kind of revelation for the viewer, overloaded with heavy and unnecessary information of our time. They enchant us with their unpretentious sincerity of language, with their wonderful gift of poeticization of the most insignificant trifles of everyday life that make up everyday life and make us look at the simple and eternal values ​​​​of our existence with a fresh, detached from everything random and aggressive look.

Kazhdan Anna: where are the artist's paintings presented?

Anna Kazhdan collaborates with galleries in Russia, the USA and Finland, she is also a member of the Union of Artists in Russia.

What exhibitions did Anna Kazhdan take part in?

  • 1992 - exhibition "Artists of the North-West", St. Petersburg.
  • 1993 - exhibition "North of the 60th parallel", Canada.
  • 1994-1998 - collaborates with galleries in Russia, USA, Finland.
  • 1999 - personal exhibition "Winter fun", St. Petersburg.
  • 2000 - personal exhibition "Winter Dreams" in the gallery "Borey", St. Petersburg.
  • 2001 - exhibition "Autumn" of the Union of Artists.
  • 2001-2003 — personal exhibitions "Premonition of Winter" in the gallery "Coffee Break", St. Petersburg.
  • 2002 - personal exhibition in the regional exhibition hall, St. Petersburg.
  • 2008 - personal exhibition "Transition to winter time" in the gallery "Coffee Break", St. Petersburg.
  • 2004-2008 - participation in the annual Christmas art fairs of V. Tretyakov.
  • 2009 - personal exhibition in the gallery "Na Torgu" in Veliky Novgorod.
  • 1997-2009 - permanent exhibition in the exhibition hall of the Podvorye restaurant, St. Petersburg.
  • 2009-2010 - solo exhibition at Petrovsky Passage shopping center in Moscow.
  • 2012 - participation in the international project "Nature and Archetypes", Italy, curated by Franco Prosperi.
  • 2013 - exhibition in the gallery "Jam Hall" personal, curated by Elena Tyunina.
  • 2014 - exhibition in the art hall Volkhov, curated by Elena Zhirova.
  • 2015-2016 - creation of a series of paintings on the theme ‚Sport‘ for RFSO Lokomotiv, release of calendars.
  • 2017-2020 - collaboration with designer Daria Bresler on illustrations for Olga Zupan's poetry books for children.

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