Painter: Deineko Irina

Painter: Deineko Irina

Deineko Irina - Artist's biography

Irina Deineko is an artist of an author's doll from St. Petersburg. She worked for the first half of her life (1978-1998) at the Lenfilm film studio and would have stayed there forever, if not for the crisis of cinematography in the mid-90s, which led her creative path to puppets. The crisis has passed, but Irina could not part with the dolls. Since 1998, she has been engaged in the author's porcelain art doll, and since 2003, she has become interested in modern materials - polymer plastics. She worked a lot in the direction of the articulated movable doll. She has her own technology for introducing hair into the doll's head. Today, Ira has her own Live Journal, where she publishes her new amazing and amazing dolls.

«My office chair is my workplace, it is unshakable. I can't work anywhere else. Silence, music, TV - background noise does not matter. If the image is inspired by a melody, I will purr it under my breath while I work. Style, images... it's hard to say where it comes from. I know one thing, noble minimalism is not my genre. The harmony of chaos is the source of my inspiration. Why do dolls change? How could it be otherwise? I am changing, the world around me is changing. We need to move forward. Another great impetus to creativity is given by exhibitions. While our “puppet work” is sedentary, exhibitions are an opportunity to shake yourself up, communicate with your own kind, and feel feedback from the audience.»

Irina always attaches importance to color, form and overall "linkage" in the composition. She associates a certain image with a certain color. Working through the sketch, Irina thinks carefully about how the color will be perceived by the viewer. In work, the color, of course, acquires some nuances - it becomes, for example, not just blue, but blue-brown, not yellow, but yellow with the addition of pink, etc. Therefore, the author really likes to “play” with nuances...

Deineko Irina: where are the artist's paintings presented?

Irina Deineko is a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. In addition to our online gallery, her works can be found at the crafts fair and the DOLLS portal.

Doll handmade - Tendreness
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Deineko Irina

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