Abdullaev Jakhongir - painter

Abdullaev Jakhongir - painter

Abdullaev Jakhongir - Painter's biography

Painter Abdullaev Zhakhongir graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts named after Ilya Repin in 2017. Many famous Russian painters studied at this Academy and acquired professional skills there, which allowed them to become the head of the artistic life of their time. The students of the Academy glorified Russian art, creating images of deep thought, praising the beauty of the Russian person and the nobility of his aspirations. And today the basis of the educational process of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts named after Ilya Repin is the principle of continuity of the best traditions of Russian and world art.

«We started with drawing - at first they comprehended simple drawing without a ruler, then proceeded to copying samples (engravings from paintings by the best masters or drawings), plaster antique samples and, finally, drawing from a nude. In parallel with drawing, painters began to paint from the nude, sculptors - to sculpt it, and architects were engaged in the study of orders, measurements, cleaning of architectural elements, design of small decorative and park structures, and then the creation of large-scale volumetric-spatial compositions».

Dance - oil painting
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Abdullaev Jakhongir

32 x 32

Author's oil painting ❀ Dance ❀ is a wonderful decoration for the interior of your home or office fr..
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